Welcome to the online showcase of Arnulf Lindner, creator of genre defying music with authenticity at its heart.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Arnulf understands how to harness the power of real instruments in composing, arranging, producing and performing music that touches and evokes emotion.

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Since 2011, Arnulf has been moving the focus of his work towards composition, arrangement and production.

During this latest creative period he has composed for film in collaboration with the distinguished documentary filmmaker, Bruno Sorrentino.

He has written orchestral arrangements for recorded work by the US singer/songwriter Jenny Gillespie. And he has co-produced an album for the Portuguese musician and singer Paulo Pedro Goncalves, for whom he also wrote string and horn arrangements.

For Arnulf, all too often something vital gets lost in the production of music that is purely digital. By combining electronic elements with a diverse range of instruments, many of them ethnic, Arnulf creates music that is warm and alive and conveys the magic of playing and feeling.



Here are some samples of the authentic, multi-dimensional music he has been involved in writing, arranging and producing.

Film Music

Samba Da Rosa

Ad Lib (The Walk)

Rosemaria's Theme

Ad Lib (Wet Air)

The Children Are Singing

Slow Destiny

This following film by Bruno Sorrentino was nominated for the Grierson Award 2013.

Blood and Land: Erodo’s Story

Erodo’s Theme

The Shepherd

A Quiet Place

Here is an audio play list of Arnulf's compositions

Chinese animation 'The Little Carp'

(Title music, rearrangements and re-record, English lyrics)



Orchestral arrangements for First Light by Dan Michaelson (Dec 2017)

On Jenny Gillespie’s last album Arnulf played bass, double bass and cello and wrote and produced the orchestral string and horn arrangements as well as writing for the harp. The album was mixed by Steve Cooper and Arnulf.


Jenny Gillespie – Chamma


Jenny Gillespie – Epiphanee

Jenny Gillespie – Child of the Universe

The following is an album Arnulf produced with Steve Cooper for a Portuguese singer, Paulo Pedro Goncalves. It is strongly influenced by the music of Fado. He wrote the string and horn arrangements and performed on piano, keyboards, guitar, cello, double bass, electric bass and percussion. The album was mixed by Steve and Arnulf as well. It was nominated for Album of the Year in Portugal.


Ovelha Negra – Ilumina


Ovelha Negra – Mãe

Ovelha Negra – Fado do Artista

Negra – Toda a Vida, Toda a Vida

Ovelha Negra – Adeus Meu Querido



Arnulf's musical insight into composition, arrangement and production is informed by many years of experience as a multi-instrumentalist.

Based in London since 2000, he has played electric bass, double bass and cello as a long term collaborator for Ed Harcourt, KT Tunstall and Heather Nova.

He has performed in recording sessions for a host of well-known names including Tom Jones, Sia, Richard Ashcroft, James Morrison, Sophie Ellis-Bextor as well as bands like St Etienne and Stereophonics.

Billy Bragg, Cerys Matthews, Nick Mulvey, Roddy Frame, Paul Heaton and Emilia Mitiku are among the artists he has been on the road with. And since 2009 he toured extensively as a duo with Heather Nova singing backing vocals and playing the cello and double bass, the piano, guitar and lapsteel guitar, the banjo and keyboards.

Arnulf's intimacy with playing and performing is the cornerstone of his musicality. His aspiration is the creation of music that embodies warmth and vitality and resonates deeply with its audience.

KT Tunstall- Suddenly I See

Josephine - Original Love

KT Tunstall- Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan cover)



Arnulf's musical career put down its eclectic roots in his hometown of Vienna. As a schoolboy performing in a rock band with friends he soon became frustrated by his lack of musical knowledge and skill. This spurred him on to enroll on a diploma course at the University of Vienna’s Music High School, where he initially studied double bass and piano, and later composition, in the classical music department.

With a growing interest in improvisation and contemporary music, Arnulf continued his education in the Jazz Department of the University of Graz where his studies with double bass, electric bass, piano and arrangement went up to degree level.

Arnulf soon established himself as one of the most in-demand session musicians and live performers in Austria and Germany, embracing diverse styles of music including contemporary classical, free improvised music, jazz, funk and rock.

His continuing passion for deepening his musical knowledge, combined with his growing interest in new technology, saw him returning to the University of Vienna in the late 90’s to study the application of electronics and computer technology in music.

Arnulf co founded the label em-el (emotional electronics) with Dieter Kolbeck in 1999. The collaboration resulted in the album "Die Balladen Des Francois Villon" not long before Arnulf left for London.

Arnulf gave me the most beautiful string arrangements for my 2014 album Chamma. Working with him was fun and nourishing; as a solo artist it is always with great pleasure to find a collaborator who understands your vision and wants to help you push it to its rightful terrain. Arnulf is not only a very talented and thoughtful arranger but a fantastic bassist and cellist as well. I hope to work together again in the future with this gem of a musician. Jenny Gillespie
I started working with Arnulf Linder on my record Ilumina. Arnulf was recommended by a mutual friend after I mentioned I was looking for someone who could play double and electric bass. After meeting him and discussing my direction and hopes for the project I was glad that he would be part of the band. Straight away we clicked musically and after working with him on the preparation of the record I decided he should be co-producing it. Arnulf is easy to get along with, a talented and sensitive multi instrumentalist (bass, double bass, cello, guitar, piano). He understood my songs and how I wanted them to sound. Both his playing and arranging (horns & strings) on my record is wonderful and never superfluous. It was a great joy to work with Arnulf in the studio and live on Ilumina, so much so that we have begun chiselling away at a new project. Paulo Pedro Goncalves
Arnulf is a sensitive, talented film composer with genuine musical empathy, and he comes without the clichés. I've enjoyed the experience of working with him, as have my editors. He's scored music for my last three projects, and I hope he continues to do so - the results speak for themselves. Bruno Sorrentino



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